Gitea in Kubernetes Not Starting

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I tried installing Gitea in Kubernetes using ArgoCD with the official Helm Chart and noticed that my Gitea pod did not become ready.

Following the logs I noticed this error message:

modules/ssh/ssh.go:290:Listen() [F] Unable to check if [/data/ssh/gitea.rsa /data/ssh/gogs.rsa] exists. Error: stat /data/ssh/gitea.rsa: permission denied

I’ve seen this error before but did not remember how to fix it so do not forget another time here is my solution.

As far as I understand when using the standard image which is running as

Using the rootless image solves the problem for me and also has the advantage of being maybe a bit more secure. I changed my values.yaml like this:

$ head -n 11 values.yaml
    rootless: true

        - ALL
    runAsGroup: 1000
    runAsNonRoot: true
    runAsUser: 1000