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Digital Pictureframe

For some time now I was looking into owning a digital pictureframe to bring all those pictures to light which are stored and mostly hidden in various gallery directories - everyone has their own archiving structure I guess. Owning of course means not only possession of the hardware but the software too. To get something working quickly and not end up buying yet another set of hardware and never finish I built a somewhat hacky “prototype” but at least it is working as intended.

nginx-ingress-controller serving SSH Port

To be able to use ssh with for example Gitea in Kubernetes an additional port needs to be exposed. I normally use port 2222 as the ssh port for Git. In the standard configuration nginx-ingress-controller only serves ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS). It would be possible to expose the port with a seperate load balancer service but this would mean a different hostname to access the load balancer service too.

Gitea in Kubernetes Not Starting

I tried installing Gitea in Kubernetes using ArgoCD with the official Helm Chart and noticed that my Gitea pod did not become ready. Following the logs I noticed this error message: modules/ssh/ssh.go:290:Listen() [F] Unable to check if [/data/ssh/gitea.rsa /data/ssh/gogs.rsa] exists. Error: stat /data/ssh/gitea.rsa: permission denied I’ve seen this error before but did not remember how to fix it so do not forget another time here is my solution.