QSSTV Problem solved

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My first tests with QSSTV drove me into problems with my PTT circuit provided by a soundcard-interface called AS-Design AS-FC2 but I’ve identified and fixed the problem ..

I’ve just bought the soundcard-interface called AS-Design AS-FC2 at ebay for about 40 EUR. My testing rig is a YAESU FT-8100R. SSTV send and receive tested with QSSTV (Linux) and MMSSTV (Windows, Linux with wine).

First send tests with QSSTV worked quite well but I’ve been told that my modulation is quite low. So i turned up the volume at my soundcard and did receiving tests for quite a while. Retry to send an image doesn’t work anymore - the TX-LED on the soundcard-interface is on but the TRX stops sending immediatly after start of send.

Many searches and reading a lot of stuff doesn’t brought any answer so i continued sending-tests with two other computers. And after endless plugin and plugout of cables from one computer to another I’ve forgotten to plugin the audiooutput cable and voila - the TRX went on air!

The problem was that the output level from the soundcard was too high and so the rig stopped sending. Decreasing the volume finally solved the problem - yipie!