Android Update from Cupcake to Donut

Today the ove the air update (OTA) of Android 1.6 Donut hit my phone. The update worked very well except of AdvancedLauncher and Superuser.

After the update AdvancedLauchner, which is an alternative homescreen manager, keeps crashing and restarting because I’ve set it for my default homescreen app. It was impossible to enter the system settings, the only thing I got started was the phone app.

On this blog entry I’ve found a solution how to deal with that problem – booting into the rescue mode.

You may know such a mode from other operating systems. It starts a base system without run autostart apps and widgets so someone is able to remove applications or change settings.

To boot into this rescue mode follow these little steps:

* Power off your phone

* Hold down Menu and then power on your phone

* Keep holding Menu down until Android boots and you see safe mode displayed on your desktop

* Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications and uninstall problem software

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