In einer Unterhaltung mit Fladi gestern haben wir eine Idee für einen neuen Charakter für den Daily-Dilbert.com-Comic-Strip geboren und gleich an den Erfinder Scott Adams geschickt.

Hier die Nachricht:


I’m reading your Daily-Dilbert-Comic-Strip for quite a long time now and have an idea for a new character – the EVIL-PRODUCT-INVENTER.

In our country, at the beginnigs of the internet, people often got confused with terms like internet and internet explorer so I often heard “have you got the new internet at home?” meaning if the respondent have installed the newest version of the internet explorer.

Today in a Jabberchat the idea of the EVIL-PRODUCT-INVENTER was born.

Buying a 1TB harddisc, invent a time machine, get back to the 1990s, mirror the internet and sell it (“have you got the new internet at home?”)!!

A phone call from the EVIL-PRODUCT-INVENTER to Dilbert may be:

EVIL-PRODUCT-INVENTER: “Hey! Have you finished the time machine?”
Dilbert: “Omg!!! Arrr!!! (like a pirate)”

Just a suggestion 😉

I love your work – go on and make my day! Big thanks and greetings from Austria (please note: we have no cangaroos sitting in the sun 😉 )!

Best regards,

Jetzt bin ich gespannt ob ich ein Feedback dazu bekomme oder gar ein Strip mit der Idee erscheint. Wir werden sehen ..

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